Ah yea forgot to upload these! Or I don’t think I put any up at least? Some of them are a bit blurry but I’m not really bothered.

Visited the fox/wildlife sanctuary in early April for my uni project, I mentioned it in my blog and I did take lots of photos! They had some birds in as well but I got tons of fox photos hahah SO PRETTY and also awesome references!! 

I’m still so excited that I got to see a fox this close! 

The reason this fox was wearing a collar is because he’s been blind since he was born so he’s staying as a “pet” since he can’t be released in the wild. Had to be very calm and quiet near him but he seemed to get used to me quite soon and let me closer.

The first photo is quite funny, he was resting like a cat haha! My personal favourite is the second one on the second to last row :D such a sweet face! Can’t really tell he’s blind.

Also feel free to use these as refs if you’d like but do not use them as stock photos please!